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Best hookahs on earth

For Khalil Mamoon hookahs I can't say anything else except they are amazing. I most like ice chamber design it fascinating me over and over again and every who heard the first time of such hookah definitely should buy it. Unique design and handcrafted artwork all in one. Actually, Khalil Mamoon hookahs are also great for decoration in your home because they give the authentic design of traditional hookah. With them definitely, you can not make a mistake in choosing.

All Black Hookah — Black Shareef

I recently bought the Black Shareef hope okay for $99 and it came with all the cleaning accessories. It’s a heavy duty hookah - weighs around 7-8 pounds. The black stem hookah also came with a black base and I mush say the black on black looks very sexy. I get a ton of compliments everytime ppl come over to smoke shisha.

Best Hookahs

I have smoked most Egyptian Hookahs and hand down Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are best! Most of the Hookah bars and clubs also sell these Hookahs.

Amazing KM Sheesha

Khalil Mamoon Sheesha are the most amazing hookahs in the world

Best online Hookah I bought

I received this in the mail after 2 days of odering it online @ khalil-mamoon.com. I love KM Hookahs, they are strong, sturdy, and durable. The last Khalil Mamoon I had was while I was in college and that lasted my 4 years.

One Stop Shop For All your Hookah Needs.

Khalil Mamoon's Hookah's guarantee100% customer satisfaction relating to its high quality hookah's and remarkable authenticity with reasonable and well deserving pricing.
A MUST have, for all the KM Hookah lovers there!!!

Top Hookahs to smoke

I have smoked many hookahs in college, but the hookahs bars that have Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are the best hookahs in the World!!!

Best Hookahs for smoking

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are the best hookahs to buy:))))

Buy your Hookah online at Khalil-Mamoon.com

The biggest advantage of buying a Khalil Mamoon hookah is these hookahs are heavy duty easy to clean and maintain. In addition, there is stainless steel throughout the stem with brass rings. They are simply a beauty. I usualy some mint & grape and I love how smooth it smokes.

Thanks a lot,

Happy Customer

I have been smoking hookahs for 5 years, and after smoking all the other brands I decided that the Khalil Mamoon line was by far the best! This is a professional hookah that all Hookah lounges carry so you know it has to good. I was fortunate to find a legit product online, there are some fakes KM's out there so be careful! I will always buy my hookah from Khalil-Mamoon.com. Thank you Khalil Mamoon!

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