Starbuzz Geisha 100 grams of shisha will serve 7 to 10 hookah heads
Starbuzz Geisha will servce 7 to 10 hookah heads

Starbuzz: Geisha | 100 Grams



  • 100g of Geisha Flavor Shisha: Let Starbuzz® Geisha™ tantalize and entertain your evening with its blissfully bright and delicate fruit notes. Smooth, sultry, and incomparably hospitable..
    • World’s first shisha to provide herbs that are grown in Caribbean soils
    • Does not contain added food coloring or preservatives
    • free of harmful pesticides and artificial intervention
    • burns up to 60 minutes – clean burning and tasteless/li>
    • Does not produce any sparks while lighting or using
    • non-skid feet and non tobacco

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